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The best and incredible marketing tactics in this digital arena is guest posting. Most people focus on the major benefit of guest posting, which is publishing the content on third-party websites. However, an added benefit to this is, allowing others to post their blogs on the website. It helps to grow your blog without doing much work. Well, the entire process may seem a bit difficult at the initial stage and thus, you need to prepare.

The benefits of guest blogs

Blogging is the best tool for spreading the message of your brand. Therefore, based on the target audience you should contribute the content to convince your target audience on the basis of market or niche. Some of the incredible benefits are:

  • Exposure to targeted traffic
  • Increasing the quality of traffic
  • Building online influence
  • Expansion of personal network
  • Increase in social media followers
Guest Blogging Benefits

Metrics to consider before choosing business blogging

When it comes to effective blogging you should always consider measuring the results, or else it is a complete waste of time. Considering the key points of business blogging, there is a range of metrics that play a major role. These are:

  • Measuring your visitors
  • Estimating your leads
  • Counting on subscribers
  • Tracking inbound links

Defining the concept of Moz metrics

The world of Search Engine Optimization is huge and thus, there is a lot to consider. Moz Domain Authority can be pretty useful from the perspective of rank metrics and overall SEO campaigns. The basic purpose of Moz metrics is mimicking the algorithm of search engine optimization.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) in terms of Moz metrics is a type of proprietary metric that helps in the prediction of ranking for your website. This ranking is done on the basis of 1 to 100. It is the best indicator to discern the potentiality of a website when it comes to organic visibility.

Page Authority

Page Authority falls under the category of Moz. It is a type of score developed by the metric system to predict the ranking of a specific page, which is generally known as SERP. The scores of the Page Authority scale from 1 to 100. The higher the scores, the greater the ability to rank a page has.

Trust Flow

Trust Flow is a form of metric that is used for analyzing the trustworthy rate of a site based on the quality. Quality plays an important part in this metric and thus, the trust flow increases when a link points your website for authority and excellence.

Citation Flow

Citation Flow is another type of metric that analyses the popularity of a link within the site. However, it does not consider the quality, like trust flow. Some of the common examples are porn sites. These sites are high in Citation Flow but the links do not match quality.

Root Domain

The root domain is a typical structure that forms the shape of an over-arch. It consists of subdomains and the folders of the website. Simply, the root domain contains the entire data of a site. Some of the examples are:


Spam Score

Spam score is a type of metric that represents the number of sites with the same features. The score is displayed in percentage. Spam score shows the sites which have been banned or penalized by Google.

Metric Evaluation Tools

The usefulness of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the best and one of the popular digital marketing tools for analyzing and preparing audit reports, URL rankings, backlinks and competitive analysis. Apart from these Ahrefs are also useful for a number of reasons. It plays a major role in terms of website rankings and keyword analysis.

URL rating

URL rating is a type of metric that depicts the strength of the profile of a backlink. It scales from 1 to 100. Remember, do-follow backlinks are counted. Both domain rating and URL rating are used in Ahrefs for rating backlinks of a website.

Domain rating

Domain Rating is one of the best and over-used metrics in Ahrefs. In most repots, domain rating is used to analyze the backlinks. It is used for tracking the fluctuations of a website. It clearly depicts the strength of a website similar to URL Rating.

Organic traffic

Ahrefs is an important part of organic traffic. Each keyword is implemented and checked whether it is fluctuating or not. The keyword is placed on Google and the rank of the same can be figured out. Based on the number of clicks the CTR or Click Through Rate is created for each keyword.

Organic keywords

Organic keywords are those which are used to attract traffic from the targeted audience through the help of Search Engine Optimization. They are contrasted with PPC (pay per click) keywords and campaigns.

These important steps and factors play an important role if you want achieve a fully optimized blog. Optimized blogs are pivotal for business blogging as it brings in significant traffic to the website. Now, apart from these, there are some additional key points which should be considered, too.

Meta tag: This represents the rendering process of your page into the browser.

Title tag: This is an element of HTML that specifies the web page’s title.

On page: It is the process of optimizing individual pages of a website.

Site security (SSL): It is the protocol for establishing encrypted and authenticated links.

Before choosing a blog site or even posting a guest blog, make sure to check these key points. The above-mentioned points are responsible for the utmost safety, increased traffic and better business.

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Top 10 Free SEO Tools To Rank #1 in…

Google Search Console

Formerly known as Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console happens to be the food that an online marketer eats. This tool mainly caters to the webmasters besides the SEOs. Its chief focus lays on “optimization” and “search”. A few finest insights of GSCs emerge from just looking at the dashboard and marketers and SEOs are required keeping up with the dashboard regularly.

GSC proposes some of the similar data as Analytics though it a more straightforward and simpler method.

Google Analytics

This seems like air to online marketers as they can’t survive without it. If you happen to be one who isn’t using it yet, then it’s high time you should start doing it. Google Analytics provides detailed and high-quality information that the users are unlikely to get from other data sources.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner happens to be the best method to research keywords and a person can find it from Tools from Google Ads. Keyword Planner happens to be the place when you have been doing keyword research. It proposes the functionalities of a former Keyword tool and its concentration is on the generation of Google Ads in place of modest keyword research.

Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the most important components of a site is page loading speed and a website is viewed as the best when it has higher rankings and augmented user satisfaction. Google PageSpeed Insights happens to be a free tool that does the job of checking a site’s speed and proposes suggestions for improving it.


The MozBar is helpful to people as it helps them find out the appropriate stuff and at a glance only. This button sits in the browser toolbar and here, every action goes on. When you click on it, you will be able to generate a fast report on the site you have been visiting. The toolbar of MozBar has three chief classes of data; Page Attributes, Link Data, and Page Elements. Page attributes reflect a few below-the-surface optimization features, like robots and load time.

The tab of Link Data has rating factors and huge information on the links of a site. You can get complete information only when you get a paid subscription. Page Elements exhibits of an on-page SEO’s nuts-and-bolts.


SEMrush is one of the finest SEO software and every marketer looks forward to using it. This conducts a thorough SEO audit besides displaying the search traffic percentage. It also notes the number of backlinks a site possesses. Again, it is helpful to people for conducting topic research, keyword research, plus detailed competitive analysis. SEMrush allows people to notice all the aspects of SEO from keyword research to building of links. So, when you wish to have just one tool for getting started, then nothing can beat the effectiveness of SEMrush.


The Majestic API does the job of empowering specialists, consultancies, and agencies to develop time-saving bespoke applications and its comprehensive documentation and connector library do get people up and running with its huge datasets. With many tools to manage, generate, and remove several API keys, you can take full control of your API security.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs backlink checker, you can check the topmost hundred links that point to a website. Additionally, it proposes one of the highly potent link checkers which check the top backlinks accurately. The good thing is this tool is excessively fast and produces results within some moments.


UberSuggest permits people to get an insight into the policies that have been doing a job for others in the market. Hence, with it, you can adopt them, augment them besides gaining an edge. Again, UberSuggest is also helpful to people for making them notice the precise content in their space that people have been linking to. After this, they will be able to approach these websites and ask them to get linked to them. With only this, you will be able to come forward with an action plan to augment your link profile besides understanding the links which will leave a huge influence on your ratings.


It is one of the most well-known SEO tools which you can use for free. This happens to be an extension that displays an overview of SEO of a particular page via a SERP overlay or a toolbar. To take advantage of SEOquake, you are required to install the extension of SEOquake on your browser. Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and Chrome are supported browsers and when you install the extension, you will observe a toolbar. You will be able to run a full SEO audit of a site utilizing this tool. SEOquake displays the total numbers of domain age, indexed pages, external links, and social share. The shining quality of this tool is its fluidity. In place of checking sites individually with the help of a standalone tool, you can view real-time statistics while browsing.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup allows you to analyze SEO issues instantly, generate reports, and understand the SEO profile of your competitors that you will be able to act upon. The method of using this tool is excessively simple. You are just needed to enter your website’s URL before clicking on “Checkup!” In the next step, the tool will begin to analyze the URL besides proposing a score out of one hundred. When the score is greater, then your website too tends to be better according to the SEO. This tool is extremely helpful because besides the SEO score of your website, this tool is helpful in relaying info on the method of fixing and analyzing issues that pertain to SEO, like security, mobile usability, and speed.